Specific Features of Craps Odds

Can you imagine a possibility to bet without any house edge? Actually, you can do that in video poker games and in craps as well. It is quite obvious that craps odds are closely connected with the bets. As far as the craps is concerned, you will have to make a stake, which is called a "Pass Line" bet first. Actually, a game starts with it.

Pass Line Bet

Indeed, after players have made their wagers, the shooter, a person who starts the first round, throws dice. There are 3 outcomes, which can appear:

  • If a 7 or 11 rolls out, all players, who made a "Pass Line" bet, win. This situation is referred to as a natural. Usually, in this case craps odds are 1:1.
  • If a 2, 3 or 12 appears after a throw, it means that all players, who put a "Pass Line" bet, lose. It is termed as a craps.
  • If any other number rolls out, it becomes a point number. Now, the shooter has to throw a point number again before a 7 appears. In fact, the dice are thrown many times till either a point number or a 7 rolls out. If the latter is the case, he loses. And vice versa, if a point number comes out, the shooter wins.

Don't Pass Line Bet

There is also a "Don't Pass" bet, which is completely opposite to the previous one. It means if you put this bet, there are the following possible outcomes:

  • If a 7 or 11 comes out, you lose.
  • If a 2 or 3 appears, you win.
  • If a 12 rolls out, the game results in a tie. And you can get your wager back. It should be noted that in some casinos, if a 2 rolls out it is considered to be a draw and if a 12 rolls out, you lose.
  • If any other number rolls out, it becomes a point number. And everything is vice versa in comparison with a "Pass Line" bet. If a 7 rolls out, before a point number, it means you win. If a point number is rolled out again, you lose.

There are the so called odds, which can decrease the house edge sufficiently. You may also apply some strategy in your play as well. Certainly, it will help you to win.