Playing online casino may seem to be a very lucrative option seeing the large sums of money that can be won. However there is a flip side to it too. Online casino games can give you great winning but may at times also result in big losses for the players. When you indulge in any online gambling you should be mentally prepared to win and lose. The website provides all players with adequate knowledge and information for successful playing of online casino games. Our job is limited to educating the users on the rules, regulations, terms & conditions, promotions, updates etc only. Please keep in mind that this advice does not guarantee you success and should be only regarded as tips for increasing your chances of winning. No one can guarantee your winning as it is just a game of luck. Mind you that there is no instant recipe for success and anyone who claims to have found one is fooling you.

My guide contains information on how to play online casino games on all websites and also some tips on some particular online casino websites. I have listed information that would educate you on the various online casinos available and guide you about their usage. But at the end of the day it is completely your decision on whether you wish to play online casino or not and which websites you would like to play on. Remember that only you are responsible for your choices and the resulting outcomes. My job ends at imparting knowledge to you. What you do with the information listed is in no way my responsibility. I take no responsibility of the resulting outcome whatsoever it may be, whether you win or lose the profits and losses are yours to bear. Even if you get embroiled in some problem with the online casino I would not accept any responsibility in that too. I shall not be engaged in any hassles between you and the concerned website. The course of action you choose to take shall as per your judgment only.

I aim to provide 100% accurate information on online casino and its industry. However, this is an extremely daunting task as there are new technological advancements and constant changes happening all the time. Also the online casinos keep introducing promotions and alter their requirements and terms & conditions frequently too. In any case if the information provided by me is found to be inaccurate, I am not in any way legally bound. Any inaccuracy or wrong information provided by me is not legally contestable. I strive to be accurate but am offering no guarantee for the accuracy at all times. It is your duty to check the updates on the sites you visit and be informed about any changes in policy that may affect your winnings and losses.