Pai Gow Strategy

The straight odds of picking various front and back hands could be quoted but that's wouldn't be very useful. Pai Gow being a game of expertise it is difficult to be specific about the odds. It is sufficient enough to state that if you go about the most advantageous game plan you are with the possibility of winning approximately 3-in-10 hands lose around the same and push approximately 4-in-10.

Taking for granted that a most advantageous play plan is taken, the biggest play advantage will go to the dealer or banker as they're the ones the copies go to. The truth is that eminent Pai Gow veteran Stanford Wong is said to have stated that to be the dealer or banker as repeatedly as can be done affects a winning plan the most significantly. The charm of games having many players is apparent.


It is now that Pai Gow becomes really complex. For the ease of discussing let us call any couple of 2's thru 6's a low pair,7's thru J's a medium pair and Q's thru A's a high pair. To keep away from confusion we will name the double card hand the front hand and the hand of five cards the back hand.

Below are the descriptions of some of the hands of Pai Gow:

No Pair - When the back hand has one card and the front hand has the two subsequent cards.

One pair - When the back hand has the pair and the two highest subsequent cards

Two Pair - This can be a hand of many combinations of cards. Below are the ones:

  1. It can be a pair containing A's and any additional pair, with the backhand of high pair and the front hand of the additional pair
  2. It can be a couple of High Pair with the backhand of the best pair and the front hand having the additional pair
  3. It can have a High pair and a Medium pair with the backhand of high pair and the front hand of medium pair.
  4. There are can be many more combinations apart from the above three

Three Pair-When the back hand has the second and third uppermost pair and the front hand has the uppermost pair.

There are other hands like three of a kind, three of a kind twice, full house, Straights, Flushes, Straight Flushes and Royal Flush and Four of a kind which have not been elaborated in this article.